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Lean culture

fleche-bleueWHY LEAN ?



In a highly competitive environment, we differ and bring the added value to the customers.
Our culture, LEAN is our strength and it is also our corporate culture.

Indeed, on all the processes, we implement a LEAN logistic approach.


While working for 11 years for our customer TOYOTA in the car industry we developed it thanks to our expertise of the deliveries in "tense Flow" and in "Just IN TIME".

Because there is no final destination on the journey of improvement, we make a daily effort on the continuous improvement (KAIZEN) and the implication of our teams. They are the foundations of our LEAN logistic culture





• Decrease the costs by the optimization of the supply chain
• Efficiency on all the processes
• Choose the best tools and the operational methods
• Methodologies of performance improvement
• Reduce the problems
• Simplify the processes
• Bring solutions simpler, sustainable and applicable immediately






Productivity gain 



Better profitability 



Better quality 



Just in time 



Company culture








• Implementation of countermeasures to face the unexpected and modify gaps in our processes, analysis of the gaps

• Avoid the wasting, the elimination of the superfluous in all the processes

• Elaborate processes just in time

• Inform, make sensitive and strengthen the implication of our teams in the method KAIZEN (continual improvement)

• Regular Controls of the performance, the studies KAIZEN
Follow-up of performance indicators

• Communicate our KPI to the customers





Conscious that the control of your supply Chain is a key-element of your growth and your profitability, we participate in the growth of our customers.

2 values which we cultivate for our customers :


Our solutions are there to help you to answer quickly the requirements of your customers with a better QUALITY and FASTER and CHEAPER.

Our solutions facilitate the ACHIEVEMENT of this objective, helping our customers to innovate and to become more flexibles AND MORE EFFECTIVE with their customers.


We accompany you in YOUR DEVELOPMENT.